Who is Rebecca

Dance teacher, who specialises in pole dance and teaches in London and Essex. She began her dancing career as a burlesque and pole dancer in 2003, and you might recognise her stage name, Nico Blu.

She teaches pole dance to absolutely everyone! It does not matter whether you have never done it before everyone is welcome and everyone is always surprised at how strong they actually are and become!

What she does

Pole dancing is taught in 4 and 6 week courses. This is because you need to build strength in order to progress. In this time, you notice a real difference in your figure and muscular strength!

As well as teaching 1-2-1 and courses, Rebecca teaches Hen Parties, Pole Parties and all her classes are personally taught by her.

She also gives 'taster' sessions, to allow unsure students the chance to see whether they like pole dancing... although invariably the answer is usually YES!

Rebecca teaches in the London, the city, and Essex area. Rebecca teaches weekdays and weekends, and she teaches in friendly, mirrored studios with 4-6 poles. One of the main policies of Polaris is that classes are always small and private, so that each student has a pole to practise on.

The pole dancing

You will need to wear shorts when you pole dance. This is because you will need bare skin to better grip the pole, and create friction. Students will dance bare foot and later wear heels, although that is not important.

Many students initially worry about body image, and are anxious that they will not be able to do it. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. Pole Dancing is a fantastic workout for the body, and although it's true it requires skill, you will quickly learn this, as well as lose weight and tone your muscles.

The aim is to learn all spins, climbs and inverts (this means going upside down). The course syllabus is written by Rebecca, and she teaches all students personally. Some of her students, who have been with her from beginner, now perform professionally!

Pole dancing is an intense workout. On a muscular level, you are working the muscles both isotonically and isometrically. Pole dancing is ESPECIALLY GOOD for upper body and CORE STRENGTH. All students do a thorough warm up and cool down, and classes last 1 hour. She always offers her students extra tuition when she can, free of charge, and as far as she is aware, Polaris is the only dance school to offer this!

See a deeper description for pole dance.

About me

I have danced on a professional level for events, clubs and celebrities. My mum was an international ballroom champion, but I never thought I'd inherited any of her dancing prowess until I began to pole dance in 2003!

I came to pole dancing when there was not many organisations around that offered taught courses, so I began to learn on the London Scene, in the clubs. Over the years, I have trained at various venues and under professional dancers. I now teach professional dancers choreography although my clientele is extremely varied, ranging from performers to mums, mature students and those who would like to learn the art of pole dance.

I am an accredited beautician, and offer spray tan and lash extensions, as well as sports massage at a discount to my dancers, as well as fitness models and bodybuilders. Polaris Pole Dance School is not just about dancing, it's about learning to feel good and grow in confidence, as well as manage your fitness and encourage muscular and core stability!